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    Demonstration of Earthquake Engineering Course

    Welcome to this course on earthquake engineering. This is the first course in a series being developed by the Quake Centre at the University of Canterbury. The purpose of the whole programme is:

    • To review the earthquake engineering knowledge and skills that you learnt through your degree, and in the early parts of your career.
    • To help you to know how to apply these skills and knowledge.
    • To highlight areas of practice that require careful thought, in which you cannot always rely upon the Code to provide solutions.

    You are about to embark on a high quality, technically-sound course, developed by a practising engineer with a strong academic research background. There has also been input from other senior practising engineers and top level academics. In this first course, you have the opportunity to review the fundamentals of earthquake engineering and confirm a solid foundation of knowledge, before you move on to other topics in the programme.

    • Getting started

      Before you get started on the content, you need to know how to find your way around the course, and what is expected of you. Select the link below to get started.

    • Earthquake engineering

      The topics are presented sequentially for a reason. Work through each topic in the order they are presented below, making sure that you understand the topic before you move on to the next one.

      Remember that if you have any questions or comments, use the relevant topics thread in the Technical Forum to source your answer. Read this forum regularly to extend your own learning and post replies to help others where you can.

    • Technical Notes

      Technical notes

      Throughout the material you will see reference to technical notes. You can access these notes in context within the learning. However, you can also refer quickly to these at any time using the links below.

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