Structural Dynamic Concepts for Seismic Design

The aim is to provide the reader with an introductory understanding of dynamic behaviour of structures. It should be noted that this course is not aimed to fully teach all the concepts related to the subject and the reader is strongly recommended to refer to other sources for further details. There are many excellent texts on structural dynamics and seismic analysis and this short course does not attempt to replace them.


Topics covered are:

  • Basics of structural dynamics
  • Dynamic response of single degree of freedom systems
  • Earthquake response of inelastic systems
  • Seismic load path and dynamic behaviour of multi-storey structures.


A certificate of completion will be issued provided that:

  1. The course content is fully engaged with.
  2. The online assessment is completed successfully.
  3. The student engages in activity on the online forum.


An online tutor will be available to assist students through the online forum, however, it is expected that much of the assistance will be gained from peer support through the online forum.

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