Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering

Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering is the foundation stone of a series of courses that will develop a sound, practical understanding of NZS 1170.5, Structural design actions - Part 5: Earthquake actions - New Zealand


This course is aimed at two audiences:

  1. Structural or geotechnical engineers without experience in seismic engineering or in need of a refresher.
  2. Newly graduated engineers who want to place what they have learnt during their BE in a practical context.


Topics covered are:

  • Plate tectonics
  • Plate boundaries
  • Factors influencing the ground motions
  • Source characteristic
  • Path effects
  • Site conditions
  • Strong ground motion


A certificate of completion will be issued provided that:

  1. The course content is fully engaged with.
  2. The online assessment is completed successfully.
  3. The student engages in activity on the online forum.


An online tutor will be available to assist students through the online forum, however, it is expected that much of the assistance will be gained from peer support through the online forum.

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Greg Preston

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